Dynamic list type of data structure for a contact

I want to save a list of strings corresponding to each contact and later segment based on that list.
The issue is the list has to be dynamic as in new options in the list can be added at any time. Any approach to achieve this?

hi, have you tried using multis select field and then regexp on your filter

in the multi select field, I have to put the options in start. How can I add dynamic options?
i.e. say i have option 1 and option 2. somewhere in my site say i want to add option 3, but I don’t want to go to custom fields and add it. i want to do it dynamically. is that possible?

I think you can add on-the-fly as many options as you want. Give it a try and see how it goes :smiley:

ok. i will try this and get back to you

not able to make fields dynamic. not even able to update select multiple fields from tracking pixel. help would be appreciated.

@mikew no, i am not able to add options from the api or from the tracking pixel, i have to predefine options and i can only choose from them, be it in lookup or in select multiple