Editing content : entry = scroll to the end of the page


In Mautic v4.4.0 : I have this little thing that is OK but still can be a bit annoying.

Whenever I edit the content and I need to do a space/entry within the same content : it scrolls me down to the bottom of my email => then I have to scroll up again.

Does someone know if this is fixed in the latest version ?

I am pretty sure that this was fixed with this PR:

I don’t see a back-port of it to 4.4.x though, as yet, so that would mean waiting for 5.0 to be released. So if you need it you could ask the developer to make a back-port and offer to test it.

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Well, ok, I will give the info to my colleagues because I don’t know what to do with that. I don’t handle the technical part.

Hopefully it will be fixed in the new version of Mautic.