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Elastic Unsubscribe callback: not reflected in Email stats

Your software
My Mautic version is: v3.3.3
My PHP version is: v7.4.9
My Database type and version is: MySQL

Your problem
My problem is:

We use Elasticemail to send Mautic Campaigns related e-mails.
Since we allow contacts to unsubscribe from emails using Elastic Unsubscribe functionality, as per Bounce management | Mautic, we’ve configured Elastic Email Webhook to send back info about contacts ‘Unsubscribe’ (mainly) actions.
This is working fine in terms of tagging the contact in Mautic as ‘Unsubscribed’ and setting the ‘Do not contact’ flag.
The problem is that the same info is not reflected in the related Email stats graph–> even if the contact unsubscribed from the email and the callback properly updates the contact in Mautic, the unsubscribe is not being reflected in the Email stats graph.

Is there any suggestions you could provide?