Email Stats for unsubscribe is not showing up correctly

In the mautic email stats graph, is the graph for unsubscribing broken?
As I can see that people have unsubscribed from my email drip campaign, but the graph shows 0. I have chosen the correct date range.

Can someone guide me on seeing the unsubscribe list for a drip campaign in one place? Need it for reporting the stats. Thank you in advance!

Hi @divya_s,

you might be able to create a report under s/reports containing exactly the data you need. This way you can have everything in one place and compare different emails/newsletters as well.

You can select stats like bounces, reads, clicks, unsubscribes as well as their respective ratios (and a lot of other metrics as well).

I just created such a report on an empty instance (so no actual data is being visible sadly):

Hey, @sdoering
Thank you for your response. I tried doing what you suggested attaching the reference image below. As you can see, as I added the unsubscribe option from columns, I got the error code 500. Could you please point out to me what is wrong here?

Hi @divya_s,

Sorry for the delayed answer. I have to admit, that I can’t immediately come up with an idea.

Could you try againand immediately afterwards take a look in the log section of Mautic to identify potential errors and reasons?

Reading the log entries might help in debugging.

You can find the logs under the options menu (cogwheel icon in the upper right corner) → System Info → Logs

I hope we can find the reason this way.