Question on weekly reports

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Hi there,

Can you share a screenshot of what your report looks like and where there are problems? It is also important to know your Mautic version.


Mautic v2.15.3

This is how the report is build:

And this is the result:

Why does it say 0 under Unique Clicks and No under Unsubscribe and Bounce?
Is there another way to get these numbers in the report for each email send out? So the Read, Unsubscribe and Bounce field isn’t a Yes/No but a number or procentage.


Hi there,

The Mautic version should be showing at the bottom right of the page - could you double check?

Ah yes. I updated it now.
We use v2.15.3

Instead of Data Source: “Emails Sent”, use just “Emails”

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Thank you mikew! This seems like the type of report I need.

It seems like there is en error with bounced and unsubscribe ratio through. This is a screen shot from the report:

And a specific example with the correct numbers for comparison: