Email analytics Manu

My idea is:
Email analytics software can provide insights into how your subscribers are engaging with the email campaign you have sent.

It provides more advanced insights like open rates, click rates, the email clients your subscribers use to engage with your email, link clicks, submissions on AMP widgets you used on the campaign, etc.

Use email analytics to understand how your campaigns performed and the things you can optimize to improve the performance of future campaigns.

With email analytics, you can get answers to all the crucial campaign-related questions like,

  • Which type of content gets the most clicks?
  • Which subject lines get better open rates?
  • Which email format produces better results?

And more.

Is this an existing project you want to use with Mautic?

Want to make like this in mautic with “analytics” left Manu.So, We can analytics like this.Those are some Email analytics software.But I want mautic can add like this in near feature.

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This is a good idea and the analytics need to be able to be broken down by subsets of tags, and segments not just a campaign. For example I send the same campaign to 2 different traffic sources, but I want to measure the information by traffic source.

This looks similar to Segments via Elasticsearch + Kibana