Email Campaign is not being sent

Hello everyone;

I’m trying to send email campaigns but is not being sent, simply the segment didn’t deliver any email, though I’ve tried it yesterday and it was working.

Test emails are working as well.

Any insights?

I don’t have any background in PHP, so please Simplify the solution for me : )

Thank You


did you setup the cronjobs: < Cron jobs | Mautic >?

In mautic/var/logs you have log files, it is helpful to for people that might help you pin point the problem and provide the solution.

Take care.


a few things here.

  1. Make sure that the email inside the campaign is a TEMPLATE email and not a segment email.
  2. Make sure your cronjob are setup to both update the campaign and trigger the campaign.
  3. Check your email settings to see if they are set to send immediately or in a queue, if in a queue make sure you have the correct cronjob to trigger the send.

Hello, Hope this isn’t too late

I had no clue about cron jobs, I just kept trying and it worked then !!

I am 3 months late for this, but I really appreciate it, many thanks for your help.


It is a template email, but I didn’t modify or check any of the settings, because I have no clue and no experience with.- I just kept trying and it worked.

Hope this is not too late, but thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

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