Email Send Reporting - Date & Time

Hello all,
Can anyone tell me the quickest/easiest way of pulling a list of all emails sent in a set time frame (eg. last 7 days) and the email address they were sent to?

Open/Click would be good, but not crucial on this occasion.

Basically I’m trying to work out easy ways to report on my automatic campaigns.

There is a whole set of reports that you can use, or customize on the reports menu. I’m sure that you’ll find what you need.

Sure, Go to reports and create a new report.
In the data source choose Emails Emails

In the data tab choose the KPI you want to show like below:

Save the report and you can then filter by date:

I think and I can be corrected here that the issue is this is only going to show you according to the created date and not sent date.

For that you might need to change the data source to Emails Sent and then you would have to redine the KPIS you want