Email sending very slow with Mailjet since 2.16 update

Last bitnami image on AWS
Php 7.2.7
mysql 8

5 hours to send 10 000 email, Spool directory with more than 50GB of datas !

Cron jobs are ok

Back to 2.15.3 and it’s work fine again …

Any idea ?

Bitnami is not a stable way to deploy Mautic.

Their image introduces all sorts of errors (and performance issues) that don’t exist with the regular community version of Mautic. We recently had a client who installed Mautic using Bitnami and they were having trouble with large segment emails firing (> 90K contacts), with, or without the queue option enabled.

The best course of action is to migrate the DB to a regular installation of Mautic on a VPS.

Bitnami should simply never be used in production. Unlike the Bitnami installer, the Docker image from the docker-mautic repo is OK, but it has some outdated PHP dependencies. Ideally, the image should be rebuilt by somebody knowledgeable in Docker, and there are some special considerations to deploying it - such as making sure you have defined a persistent volume.