Email Template Counting

I created a template email,
then i used this template to send email at contact page,
it can’t count the quantity of sent/open/click.
Is it normal?

Are you testing with the same user as your Mautic user?


it is not Mautic user.
I created a template email not segment email.

Template or segment : doesn’t matter.

Regarding Mautic user: if you log in into Mautic, and send a test email. Then open your gmail for example in a browser and click around, then there will be no clicks and opens registered because YOUR BROWSER contains an admin cookie and you are a ghost for Mautic.

This is why I especially created that knowledgebase article. If you read it You will understand how to test.

If the problem is different (might well be), then at least we know you are testing right.