Unable to get the email click read report

as i am using mautic since a long time
but not with the new update i am getting some weird result

As i created email and send to 608 people which are my internal list
but when the open that email in safari i can see the read count but same if another email is open on chrome firefox or any other browser i cant get the read report

i update my browser cleared the cache change the network but still the same
can any one help me with this

are you testing on a browser where you are logged into Mautic ? If so this is why you might get incorrect results, always do testing in incognito mode or make sure you are logged out of Mautic in the browser you are testing in

Thank you for the reply

i have send to my internal email list which are on different network different system and also the user dont have mautic open at there side

but still when they open read click the email i still dont get any report of click read


If the person has logged in to Mautic before, she/he will have the admin cookie on int the browser. Use a different browser.

At the same timeā€¦ 3440 sent 0 read seems like nothing is sent. Are you sure the email went out?

yes @joeyk all email are send and also received by the users
they opened in different browser with clearing all the cache and also switch to different network and also to add users dont have mautic access they only have received the emails which i have send from mautic

is there any troubleshoot i shall perform here which would solve the problem

what email server provider are you using ?

PMTA and also i have Gmail SMTP