Email template that works with Desktop Outlook

Is there a simple email template that works with desktop Microsoft Outlook (2007-2019) email client (no padding or margins, just tables)?

Mautic 4.x


Did you try the ‘Truly Personal’ email template?


No, I just tried installing it from GitHub - mautic/theme-trulypersonal: Truly Personal theme for Mautic, but getting error config.json not found.

What is your installation method? Composer? Or upload the theme?
If the second version, then you need to make sure that the zip is correct. Don’t zip inside the template folder.

The zip file seems correct,
$ unzip
creating: theme-trulypersonal-4.x/
inflating: theme-trulypersonal-4.x/config.json

The theme you tried to install is missing the following required files and thus could not be installed: config.json, html/message.html.twig

This is in a subfolder, no?
Should be in the root!

You are right, the downloaded zip was not zipped the way Mautic installer expects it and it had twig file name wrong. the install works now, thanks.