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Emails are being sent multiple times to very annoyed recipients

I use sendgrid to send email.

After receiving a few angry emails asking me to stop sending emails I realised the Mautic (?) Sendgrid (?) are sending the same emails over and over again to a set of recipients, several times per day.

Nothing in Mautic indicates that multiple emails are being triggered. The email counts are normal. I have no campaigns that could be re firing. What could be going on?

Could a cron job be repeating the send intsruction to send grid?

Why is everyone not getting multiple emails?

I reached out to Sendgrid for answers.

Anyone here who can assist. I have checked the logs under system info and it shows nothing weird. Is there another log file somewhere I should be checking?

This sounds like your cron jobs being not configured properly. Please refer to this page of the documentation:

Is your cron configuration somehow similar? Important: The different cron job actions must not run at the same time.