Emails get delivered in Spam even after warmup

I have a VPS and a Shared hosting account with Hostinger.

I have my SMTP configured in VPS hosting from where I SEND cold mail (after warmup) using Mautic.
I RECEIVE mail on my Shared hosting webmail on hostinger itself.

(I made this done through Professional service seller from Fiverr)
and now everything works fine (except landing on Spam), for which I am seeking help.

“My DNS records are configured and has a “MAILGENIUS SCORE OF 99”
And has a “PASS” certificate of SPF; DKIM and DMARC
My mail-tester result: Spam Test Result (10/10)”

I have already done a Warmup from a service provider from Fiverr, who is a professional. He did his work twice,

everything looks good but it didnt get INBOXED even after 2 Time warmup.

I cant even send a single mail and get inboxed.

Can somebody please help!

If technically all is correct then one has to look at the email content. Are you using words that trigger spam warnings like “free” etc. Lots of links? Over loaded with HTML content?

Please have a look at the sample mail I had sent

I would suspect the URL “clickbank” is triggering high spam score. And “miss this offer!” do generate some spam score but not real high one as the URL one probably scored.

Take the URL out and resend it just to test it.

Also, how are your subject line? if you have lots of caps in it like DON’T MISS THIS OFFER!! or READ THIS! etc that generate a high spam score too.

Another thing Microsoft exchange now encrypts their spam result in header so we can’t read the results however they are known to be very aggressive with their spam scores and easily send legitimate emails to junk folders,

Microsoft exchange server is what frustrates me the most.

Hope this information will help you narrow it down to a solution in your email content.

Took out the URL and made corrections as you suggested.
But still it landed in spam.

Look in the header of that email to see if the spam score is encrypted or not.

If not, then you may see some hints what causing it to land in the spam folder.

One last possibility that the ip address your host assigned to your domain had a history of spam abuse which may not on the known blacklist but on the local blacklist.

Email Header appears:

from: Xavier K
to: Delphin Joseph
date: 18 Jun 2022, 00:43
subject: Delphin, Have you heard of Vidtoon Cartoon Video maker
Signed by:
security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more

I think your content is the issue, and maybe a few earlier emails you sent had spam trigger content and the spam cops have marked your domain as a potentially spammer. When that happens it does not always show up in a service like MX tools. Basically you have done nothing wrong and all checks out but they are not sure about you.

test with gmass