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Hope everyone is doing well, i have a question that couldnt ask in a better place, than here with all the experts. Im new to mautic and so far ive had a great time with the installation but im having problems with ending up in spam. My mail server is running a seperate server from the mautic one conf with iredmail and the emails end up in spam even tho i have done all the steps like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, and when i do the testing of email delivery its a 9.5/10 but the ip reputation is neutral and i wanted to ask what would you guys suggest that i do to get the ip reputation positive, a warm up method even tho im ending in spam. Anything would help, thank you in advance!

Hello, what is the amount you are sending out?
Just because you send 1-2 emails and they land in spam - is not a verdict.
Start with 10 emails / hour, and slowly raise it.

However I think with todays SMTP offers it is really easy to get a good third party SMTP, which is affordable.

We have another (old) thread talking about this:

First of all i just have to say great post man !
I literally took notes on the Warm-up dedicated IP on SES, what i can tell is that i dont understand a lot of topics on SMTP servers, but i think i got the idea of the post you send me to.
Is true i have send like an email or 2 per day and called it a failure, because i was always scared to send more emails that were ending up in spam as potential damage to my ip reputation which as i said is neutral at the moment. Should i either way start as you suggested with 10 emails/hour and slowly raise it even if i end in spam(from a bit of research this seems to be normal for new servers). Also i dont really get if me starting to warm up the emails will raise the ip reputation of my email server or of my mautic server ip?
Either way i thank you for your kind response and time you dedicate here with us newbies!

We are sending daily 7500 emails using instantly. Io.

I just started learning and implementing mautic for my needs.

As per my experience, you must have to use some IP warmup service along with normal sendings.

Ip warmup is a must and it must be on daily basis along with your campaigns.

Yse a third party i would suggest using instantly as its cheaper and trustable.

Also don’t use spammy words in your subject and copy.

Always double check it and make it more and more natural and personalized.

We are using AI automations to handle these scenarios and delivering fully personalized and spam free emails for max delivery and securing 10 to 15 clients every month with a wonderful sending of around 2lacs/month.

I have not seen a scalable ip warmup service ever.
It’s always a promise combined with fancy words like “machiene leraning” , “ai algorythm”, even “blockchain” :slight_smile:

In fact what these services do: they have computer generated email addresses, which remove your emails from spam, if you send to them indicating to google you are sending good content.

Altough this service will speed up your warmup by 3-5 days, but not more. Once you reach 1000-1500 emails / day, they are useless.

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