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Error connecting to the aws ses with sns


I am connecting through programmatic access API.
NS provider Cloudflare

endpoint i specified during the creation of SNS topic and subscription is :
but AWS SNS subscription is showing pending.

how to fix it.


Interesting. That should work out of the box. Do you have Amazon ses api enabled right? Not SMTP.

yes . ofcourse it is api with i am user who would have full access to sns and ses. sns and ses are not within sandbox though.

I had this issue. I tried changing regions then it magically started working.

so aws ses , sns, and mautic must be within the same region? or just I can use SNS for the same region?
my instance has full access for them within a custom role assigned to that instance why can not we have cross-region?

but i tried the same with fluentcrm it worked there. i think it is a glitch.

I don’t think region has anything to do with it. I have a general listener, that captures data from any region.
What @robm is saying: he switched the region (probably back and forth) and suddenly started to work.

exactly, like a blind monkey smashing keys until something works. In this case, the region change made all the difference, no idea why. It shouldn’t but it did.

@robm @joeyk can we have a VPC to VPC inter-regional peering within same account to resolve it?
for example, if VPC @ Ohio and VPC@Sydny wouldn’t share the same CIDR then we can have a peering between them. but can it be resolved that way?

Sorry I don’t know what a VPC is


please take look at this if you want to know about vpc peering :globe_with_meridians:

ref : What is VPC peering? - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

As far as I know, SES and SNS must be in the same AWS region to work.

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@wlandgraf SES detected the SNS topic perfectly which means they are in the same region already but the ec2 lies with the different region where actually mautic is deployed. if i need to change the region of ec2 for such purpose it means if some client using a self hosted node and want to use aws ses /sns as an integrated service their instance will fail to connect too ,(of-course in logical sense)

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