Mautic and Amazon SES {Send Issues}

Your software
My Mautic version is: v2.16.2
My PHP version is: 7.2.30

Your problem
My problem is: Amazon SES setting is all sent and both connection and send is success. But when I try to send test email from Email Section, email is not received.

These errors are showing in the log: n/a

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: PHP mailing works but Amazon SES does not. I have tested by changing these two methods.

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Quick update. It seems Amazon SES is only sending emails to confirmed email addresses that was verified within Amazon SES console. Have I missed any tick-box within Amazon?

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I technically have answered my own question but it was not obvious to me. Long story short:

  • My Amazon SES application was for Sydney
  • Amazon approved my Sydney Region
  • I then changed my Region to US East as all Tutorials Points to that specific region
  • For me that Region is under Sandbox mode, you can only see the in “send statistics” section

Hope this helps others, it been a long day for me :frowning:.


Yes, on Amazon SES you need to apply for each region.
Just curious, why you changed to other region after being verified in Sydney, is there any advantage to using one or another?
I use EU - west.

Hi Ori,

I asked that question to myself in a different form. However after spending roughly 3 to 4 on tests I discovered following:

  • in mautic there are three default region (see image)
  • at first i was unable to send email via east as there was firewall block on 2597
  • i host with A2hosting as such i decided to log a ticker as there many recommendation in this forum to get in touch with you hosting provider.
  • that did the trick and i was able to send test emails to verified emails
  • as Amazon sydney region is not on mautic list i had to use “other smtp”, however i couldn’t make it work. Amazon’s config note says you need “25, 465 and 587” open which i requested A2hosting yet again however I think it is always 2587.
  • anyway my A2hosting location is US East, as such I decided on a concept level I will leave them in same location.

I am not sure if I answered your question or my final decision is the best solution. But I can now send emails via mautic which makes me happy :slight_smile:. I now need to fix my Campaign issue :frowning:.

@tomr, have you sorted the issue out and sending emails OK from Amazon SES? Or do you still need any help?
I use Amazon SES and everything is working fine. Let me know if you need any help.

You should request a sending limit increase if you would like to send emails to non-verified identities.

But before moving out of the sandbox you do not forget to do hundle bounces and complaints.

hI @mahamcou, thanks for your offer but FINALLY got is working :slight_smile:.

hi @ystksnd, fortunately i did that prior to my increase request but yes that is a key point. Amazon cases offers will check this. you must comply before your request.