feature request: add action "set as do not contact" in campaign and form

It could be useful to have an action available in campaign actions and form actions to set contacts as “do not contact”.
Now it is only possible to remove contacts from “do not contact” but not add as “do not contact”.

That would be a help for me too.

I had added in this same request earlier with references to requests in the older github issues lists as well. I think it needs a bump in votes.


Indeed I did not find it this is why I created this one.

This would be a great solution, I also miss this as a feature on the preference centre page.

+1 Agree, this is a must-have for any platform.


It is mystifying why the “set as do not contact” is not a add action option. What workarounds have others used?

+1 it’s the only major thing missing. I’m surprised it’s not available. Anyone has a workaround? Thanks in advance for sharing your tips. :slight_smile:

it can be done as a mass edit in the contact overview. So select the contact in the list and click the button that is mentioned to do an action on all selected (Top left)

Open Pull Request

PR#7567 New Campaign actions: Add/Remove Do Not Contact

http://github.com/mautic/mautic/pull/7567 adding the link so it gets pushed to the PR

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originally posted as: https://github.com/mautic/mautic/issues/2484
and also here: https://github.com/mautic/mautic/issues/2763

"…In my opinion, Do Not Contact seems to be one of the most important flags in Mautic. Its critical for ensuring people don’t get emailed who don’t want emails, and cleaning up lists and such.

There does not seem to be way to set this flag from a campaign action. For example I would like to create a re-engagement campaign, that if the user doesn’t engage within X days, have them marked as Do Not Contact automatically…"

This enhancement would be extremely helpful for both subscription management and data cleanup processes.

+1 - This is a must have!

Hmm… how do I vote this up?

How do you do it manually from Contacts page, i.e. not from Campaign action. How can I manually mark a contact as Do Not Contact or Do Not Email?


I’ve developed a plugin for this:


So Alan Mosko, how do I download and install your Do Not Contact via Campaign action plugin?


+100. Can’t believe this isn’t part of the core and available in campaigns.

Hey @AlanMosko, this is exactly what I need. But I don’t see in your GitHub link where to download nor install instructions? I’d be glad to test it out if you can provide install info and code.