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feature request: add action "set as do not contact" in campaign and form

You can install Mautic Tester

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  • 1 This is a must have feature!

@alanmosko Sorry but your Plugin did not work. My colleague Bastian has written you an e-mail. I hope you can help us.

+1 this feature would be a life changer.

@alanmosko @dennis80 did you manage to get something in working order? Just trying to get a DNC applied to some contacts via a campaign as well.

Hi folks,

Merged a couple of feature request posts about the same topic.

Please take a look at this PR: and test!

Hi Alan,

I installed on Mautic 2.15.x,
The following happened:

  1. Broke ability to edit a contact
  2. No way to import list via DNC tab
  3. No way to add “+New” via DNC tab

found a rough workaround :

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Feature now released as part of 2.16 :slight_smile: