Feature Request - Throttle Logic for Forms/Campaigns

Feature Request - Throttle Logic for Forms/Campaigns

We are ultimately using the forms to send autoresponders to the prospects and send lead alerts to relevant stakeholders.
We would want to throttle this so that if someone submits 10 times in 5 minutes, the actions only result in 1 email.
But if they submit again an hour later, it has cleared any potential system noise and would allow the action to be processed.

Need a means of throttling logic where duplicate submissions with the same email comes through within a specified timeframe.
ie where a form maybe integrated on a product page, and a prospect submits enquiries on multiple forms with different context, or a slow form submitting for whatever reason results in the frontend user submitting multiple times.

We would be looking for a means of throttling a form and/or campaign actions based on a specified logic
ie throttle submission where a duplicate emails are the same for the next x minutes/hours.

Or same as above but with an additional condition, throttle where same email and is not {custom_field} = {custom_field}
Thus allowing different variations of a form to be submitted for different context by the same user.

  1. Form submission adds custom tag ‘ready to be spammed’
  2. Segment membership based on tag ‘ready to be spammed’ and exclude ‘just spammed’
  3. Campaign (restartable) starts upon segment membership, ‘just spammed’ tag added.
    3.1 Campaign Nr.2. removes the person if just spammed and ready to be spammed are both there.
  4. After 1 hour remove ‘just spammed’