Firebase Cloud Messaging – Mautic plugin [PAID]

Hi Everybody!

(There is a thread in ‘ideas’ about it but as the ‘product’ should be here, I take that to here for the further communications. The past of it is here: Firebase integration - #11 by ebola)

I’m glad to announce that after lot of developments and discussions with our current clients we have an absolutely surely working Google’s - Firebase Cloud Messaging based push notification plugin for both of Mautic 3 and Mautic 4.

With the plugin you can subscribe (on web) your customers and send them properly targeted push notifications with just some simple clicks, and just controlled by your normal Mautic campaigns. The subscription onto the push service could be handled by your web applications or native mobile applications (both on Android and iOS) but while you can really easily setup your web app for it, in case of mobile applications your mobile app developer has to deal with it. After you have successfully subscribed 'push ID’s for your contacts, the message sending will managed by your Mautic, therefore from that point you can just live your life as before with a possibility of sending push notifications to your customers.

Key features including but not limited to:

  • Documented solutions for managing the subscriptions on both of web and mobile platform.
  • 30 minutes quick configuration
    • (For webapp as for there, if you have an already embeded Mautic .JS what can handle the push subscriptions also, for native mobile app your app developer have to deal with the subscription process based on our manual).
    • (Please do care with the proper handling of dependencies, as without the required ‘external’ package the plugin will definitely not work!)
  • Visible ‘push ID’-s et your contacts profile pages (active/inactive).
  • Mautic’s campaign based message sendings.
  • Statistics

Detailed manual.

The plugins are paid ones with one year subscription period (after expiration you can simply renew it), you can purchase them from their dedicated product pages:

The license is for one instance, so preliminary you have to decide which version want to use, but later you can transform your M3 license to M4, and vice-versa anytime.

Feel free to drop any questions or opinions about them.

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