Installing the Firebase Plugin for Mobile App Push Notification

Hi Everyone.

We have many clients that have apps and are running on firebase and obviously we wanted to integrate this with Mautic and have push notifications to mobile app inside campaigns.
I went hunting to develop this plugin and then @joeyk told me that this plugin has been developed already.

I went and purchased it and began the installation procedure. I am techie, but not a programmer and can basically follow directions. I found the installation very challenging and it took me two days of hacking around and learning before I got it installed.

For a full explanation on how to install this plugin check out our latest blog post.

Hope you find this useful.

Warning: After I have managed to install the plugin my campaigns were no longer working and I am opening a support ticket here on this.

Dear @mikew !

As we are the developers of the corresponding plugin, I just would like to write some official reactions here also to make more clear the situation to everybody :wink:

The last some weeks wer very busy as we had to solve every problems what we did not think earlier.

We almost totally rewrote our documentation (the user manual of the plugin), to make it more clear how anybody need to use it. I refined the installation process and dependency handling almost to indefinitely, and based on the experiments of our clients I also wrote lot more detailed informations about the usage. Not there is separated block for just debuggin, testing, etc. so I really hope I could make everythng lot more clearer than usually you can reach such informations about any softwares.

We are really sorry for the rough start, we discussed really a lot about the plugin, and now after your unlimited patience I hope we could iron out almost everything, and in the future we could focus on really new functions.

As currently we have available clients who successfully use the plugin, I think we could already solve all the problems.

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate and search for us, for me here or directly by email.

The current 2.4.0 version is lot more friendlier than any earlier if anybody interested in.

Thanks again for your patience, and for the lot of testings.