First ever Mautic install - v2.16.2 or v3.0

We are just starting our Mautic journey with no database, contacts, campaigns, or anything at all - Have installed a few times both v2.16.x and v3.0 - both seem to be working fine. We will be integrating with WordPress and AWS SES/SNS.

So the big question is: Should we roll with v3.0 or be more reasonable and roll with the v2.16.

I have seen comments alluding to new installs should go wtih v3 - but having worked with (other) software a long time I cannot help feeling that is not the best route.

What is the advice from the community?

bump - any input from the coummunity - honestly I have no history with this applicaiton…

3.0 is going to receive updates going forward, 2.16.x will not, only security fixes and only for a short period of time.

Recommendation is 3.0 for new installations.

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