Focus Items

When pulling a FOCUS ITEM via a CAMPAIGN , does the JS still need to be placed within the html of the page?

The instructions indicate: “Alternatively show this focus item through a campaign action in response to a page view on a page which has the Mautic tracking script.”

Thanks for any help.

In simplest terms yes - the rest of this answer is to meet the 25 character minimum.

@EJL, are you sure? The question is if the tracking script can dispjay focus items if it’s a campaign step. And I think it can. So no need for the focus.js

I’m still testing but it would be much easier to implement if the Focus Item is activated via a campaign step.

And not have to place the JS for ever Focus Item created.

I have tested this and as @joeyk says if the tracking script is installed there is no need to implement the JS on the page while using focus items inside a campaign

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Still no luck.

I’ve tried many times to get the Focus Item to show correctly without installing the Focus Installation code in my template by calling the item via campaign after visiting a page that has the Mautic Tracking Script.

What am I doing wrong?

Make sure you are testing from a browser where you are not logged into Mautic, or use a private browser.

Most common problems with this:

  1. you think, that “show focus item” = Show it from now on.
    It will show it 1x. Yes, one single pageview. If you want to show it all the time, you need to make a jump back in the campaign.

  2. You testing it wrong: your test user already left the campaign. So the person will never show.

  3. You insist, that the person didn’t leave the campaign, because you can still see the user as campaign member. You are right, but the campaign is OVER for this person, as he/she already completed the last step. You need to set ‘contact can restart campaign’.

  4. You listed to me, added the jump in the campaign back to show focus item, and your server is crashing. You should have read until the end :slight_smile: You need to add a step before show focus item called ‘visits a page’. You should jump on this step later.

Good luck.