Can not see "Show Focus Item" in the Campaign Actions

I installed Mautic in Google Cloud and upgrade to 4.01 last week. I created a focus item and want to create a campaign to show the focus item in my Wordpress website. But when I am creating the campaign action, I can not find the “show focus item” in the selection list. Is there anything need to be configured before I can have “show focus item” listed in the campaign action? Thanks,

There is no show focus item action in campaigns. However you can show dynamic content, that is able to show a focus item by using the right token: {focus=ID#}

Thanks, @joeyk
I saw your reply in somewhere said that we can use dynamic content to show focus items. I tried to configure according to your message but when I look into the dynamic content, it seems it different from what I saw before upgrade to 4.01. There is no filter, Is campaign based and requested slot name in the editing page of version 4.01. Still try to figure it out.

You need to find the ‘secret switch’. Click on Campaign based and see the new tab appearing.

The secret switch works. Thanks,

Awesome. I use it & secret switch working fine in best tennis racket for women website. Thanks for sharing this great info.

You should see it after Visits a page decision