Showing Focus Item on Page Hit for Anonymous Users

Hi All,

While playing around with Focus items for a client I noticed it is possible to fire off a focus item via a campaign (No idea why I had never noticed this before :man_facepalming:).

My question is I would like to be able to show focus items to visitors of the site using a campaign.

The only way I could think of doing this is as follows:

  1. Create a new segment of Anonymous users. Filter: email is empty
  2. Create campaign based on segment
  3. Add in the page I want to show it for

Now my problem comes in that first I guess the segment will need to be updated, so if I run this manually as a test it works great, however if my segments (or even just this segment) is set to update even every minute there is a high likelihood I will miss the visitor.

Besides implementing the code on the actual page which is the solution I know, is there a way to do this other than what I have described ?


Hi Mikew,
why don’t you create a dynamic content with the filter (email is empty), and let the dynamic content pull the focus item by [focus=11], where 11 is your focus item. Once you build in your dynamic content, the focus item will be fired for people, where you don’T have an email yet.

Otherwise you need to do this:
Create a campaign step of “Visited page? - Launch focus item - Jump to visited Page” chain, but it is generating a bunch of campaign update and trigger in the background.

Good luck,

This was a little piece of gold @joeyk :wink:

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