Logic/Campaign Help: Showing Campaign Based FocusItem to all anonymous Users


Does anyone have a creative idea of how to show a campaign based focus item to both known and anonymous users immediately as they hit a specific page.

The way I am currently doing it is, is as follows:

  1. Creating a segment with email is empty OR email is known. (This gives me all my users in the system)
  2. Creating a campaign that starts with this segment.
  • Decision: If they hit my website *surge.media*
  • Show Focus Item
  • Restart Campaign after X hours/days
  1. Then I have a script that updates this segment every 10 seconds

Issues: If we have thousands of hits per day from anonymous and known users, this segment is going to get huge, it might take a very long time to run. Would it be very system heavy, eating CPU/MEM ?
How do we get it that the Focus Item is shown immediately.

I know that if I put the script on a specific page we can do this, however the idea is to know if we can this scenario inside a campaign

Any better ways to do this ?

Maybe, in this case, mautic is not the right tool for the job, or rather it needs a little help.

Seeing as you are showing the pop up (focus item) to essentially everyone who visits the page, there is not need to be querying mautic before each focus item display (or is there?).

In which case use a pop up plugin for the WP site, embed your mautic form (I assume that is what the pop up is being used for?) into the pop up, so lead captures are still added to mautic and a cookie dropped.

Hey @robm

Thanks for the reply, however it needs to be inside a campaign as we want to show pop-up only to specific people from a specific state on a specific url. Hence the need for the campaign

Why don’t you place the focus item into a filter based dynamic content, which is just shown to people based on the filter?
If the filetr is not available, then you can create a filed called “shotthefocusitem” and run a campaign to populate it.