Forbid to generate the tracking

In a campaign, in a specific email I want to send a link to the lead so he can copy/paste it into social networks or re-send the email to friends.

I want this link to do not get converted to the famous /r/**** tracking URL.

How can I do that in the email builder?

Try <a href="url" mautic:disable-tracking="true">Test</a>

Will try! Thanks!

Tested! It works @mzagmajster thank you!

Is there any documentation URL where should we link to in this thread for reference for future people with the same problem reading this post?

I found it on mautic forum. Maybe I will write a post about it and link it here :slight_smile:

Add this to the knowledge base

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Can we, community members, edit the Knowledge Base? Or should the mautic team add this to there?

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