Form not building correctly (also the gravatars)

Your software Mautic 4.3.1
My PHP version is : 7.4.29
My MySQL/MariaDB version is (delete as applicable): MySQL/MariaDB version 10.3

Your problem
Forms are not building correctly. I have a composer install 4.3.1. Also the default gravatars and favicon are not displaying and as I mentioned the forms are not building correctly (specifically: the conditional fields and the html insert).

I think it may be a permissions thing, but not sure.
I have a shadow mautic install that I use for experimenting (4.2.1 no composer). If I change the code of the 4.3.1 form and fill in the web address of the 4.2.1 install into that 4.3.1 form(still following me ;)?!?) the 4.3.1 form works correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Steps I have tried to fix the problem :

Hi, try to rebuild assets:


Rebuilding the assets is not the answer.
If the gravatar is present mautic gets it, but the ‘generic’ png is not displayed.

The conditional fields not working is a shame…hope someone can guide me to a solution

Partly the solution:

Somehow the rights of the mautic-form.js were screwed up. Changing the rights to what they should’ve been fixed the problem

Gravatars remain an issue…maybe rights as well? The search continues :wink: