Fresh install - "Site is offline" and no logs under app/logs

Hi everybody,

On my linux server with Plesk admin panel, I did a fresh install. I pulled the mautic-master, ran composer in the mautic directory and went to the respective URL to continue installation. However I get the famous “The site is currently offline due to encountering an error. If the problem persists, please contact the system administrator.” message.

As any sys-admin would do, I checked the log-files first, BUT there are NO logs in the app/logs directory (yet)! What can I do? What could be the problem? Maybe Plesk does something with the permission of the files? Maybe its about the PHP-settings?

Thanks in advance!

Nvm. its fixed by setting the correct permissions to app/logs and app/config and app/cache/prod

Do you have any news? I have the same problem

I still got this problem. Can you explain more?

I still got this problem. Can you explain more? Thanks. :wink:

You should check if the files installed by Mautic have the adequate user/group permission. The way to check it and fix if it’s wrong depends on the operational system, but could be easily found in the net.

If that doesn’t work, also check the logs of HTTPD (Apache, etc) or even Syslog, as they probably will give you a glance about the problem until the Mautic logs start to populate.

I am having the same problem? I am using nginx and cant seem to get this to work. chown -R root:nginx /var/www/html/mautic.

I dont realy understand who i am giving permission too here. is it nginx or is it the user on the account or root. I have tried all to no avail.