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General Question | Subscription via URL

I’m very new to Mautic. Currently, my site runs on Joomla! CMS with Acymailing as newsletters and campaign management. I use Fabrik for building forms and web apps. It integrates very nicely with acymailing, because I can pass data from the form to Acymailing on submit by simply adding the parameters.

For example:

Does Mautic support something similar for getting contacts into a segment? Or do I strictly need to use the Mautic forms?

Or perhaps there is a way to have a cron look at my current subscription database and bring contacts over this way?

Ultimately I need Mautic for creating SMS campaigns, not so much emails yet. But I may completely switch over in the future.

Mautic has the ability to generate it’s own forms that you can easily embed into Joomla/Wordpress/Drupal/Wix or native.

You could create a form in Mautic and figure out the submit action and them pass these parameters into the mautic form. I have a small blog post that explains how to auto populate mautic forms over here.

You could also look at using services like zapier for such integration, or if you have the ability/energy n8 which is my preference