Geolocation disappeared for new contacts

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.1

Your problem
My problem is: Geolocation disappeared for new contacts

How can I start understanding what’s happening?

If you open up those contacts, what is country that is specified?

If country is not in mautic then location cannot be linked to countries that are recorded in mautic

Humm, do you mean that this field is not auto-generated by the IP, but asked in a form in a dropdown?

This form does not ask anything but the email address.

Could this be the reason?

In such a case, is it possible to geolocate by IP?

Country needs to be field out on contact edit page:

I am not sure if country is extracted based on IP (but I could be wrong on this one).

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I see. Thank you!! No country field in this form. So it’s not a “best guess” in function of the IP but a trusted info from the user, if explicited.

Got it! Thanks!

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