GrapeJS adding image with a link

Building an email, I want to have an image with a link using the GrapeJS builder, I can add the image, but the only way I can find to add a link to the image is go into code editor. That seems a bit obnoxious, am I missing something?

Here’s a quick tutorial:

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I don’t get the options you are showing, I only get the option change the Alt text whether it is a new image or existing image in an email.

I am using v4.1.2 of Mautic

I believe that you are using an old-style HTML rather than MJML theme (the Blank theme) so you will only have minimal options in the builder.

Probably better to start with one of the new themes and customise to your needs, or create your own theme by downloading eg Brienz and then tweaking it to meet your needs and uploading to the themes folder.