Graphical overviews/diagrams for the Mautic database schema?

we’re looking for aid to delevopers new to Mautic, as a starting point to help them understand the Mautic database schema and its objects and relationships.
Thus we’re searching for graphical overviews / diagrams or similar for the Mautic database schema, i.e. all the database objects (tables, fields) and their relationships. What I have in mind is someting like the output of SchemaSpy, a tool which generates a visual representation of the metadata of a database schema, in a browser-displayable format.

Is there something available for Mautic? Haven’t found anything in the Mautic documentations.

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Does Mautic use foreign key constraints? If yes, it should not be a problem to reverse engineer the schema.

This is of interest to me as well. I’d like to build more robust reporting outside of Mautic and being able to see data structures would take hours off of the process or reverse engineering everything.

Let me know if these are helpful!


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Or if you prefer just a simple graphic:

Mautic Database Schema Diagram

Wow, ask and ye shall receive…Thank you for sharing this!

I know this is an old discussion, but if anyone still needs this - @dbhurley’s looks great, but I wanted to create a version that spaced out the tables a bit more to help me see the relationships more clearly. This was created by doing an import into Lucidchart and then doing a lot of rearranging, plus adding a few notes: