Help understanding what the stats mean in Campaign->Actions (ie. success percent, completed, pending)

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My Mautic version is: 3.2.1
My PHP version is:7.3.27
My Database type and version is:

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My problem is:
The campaign is for double confirmation newsletter. When they sign up, they are added to a pending segment, and receive confirmation email. If they do not confirm within 2 hours, they receive another. I am trying to analyze the statistitcs, for example what percent of people who do not confirm on first email, confirm on second. And what percent of people who open the email confirm (press the button)?

  1. Are these possible?

  2. For example, what does the 1.7% number mean? What does the 162 completed and the 9325 pending mean? What do these numbers mean?

  3. When I change the dates for the filter, these numbers do not change. Is it not possible to get these stats for specific date ranges? Only shows the totals since existence?

When I look at the stats (attached), I do not understand what I am looking at.
Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 5.06.58 PM

These errors are showing in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

Short version:

For longer explanation you can check my blogpost:

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The stats in the screenshot make sense to me…as the yellow/grey=green percentage. The numbers in my screenshot do not work out this way.

You just added half of the story. Could you please make a screenshot about Actions + Decisions tab once again? I’ll drop the explanation here for you!


I have already uploaded the actions above, here are the decisions.

Hi Joey, Just checking in to see if you had time to check my response. Very eager to understand these numbers better.


Little bit busy. :slight_smile:

Anyhow here is the answer:

How to read the numbers?

When you create a new campaign step, it will be scheduled right away. Even if it has no chance to be executed ever. Normally the Grey and Yellow should = Members of the campaign.

Let’s see your case:

  1. First actions executed right away:

    As you can see the first 2 steps are executed for the total population of the campaign. 3 people are lagging behind in step 2, because your cron didn’t have time to catch up yet.

  2. Now 2 conditions are coming.

You check for a visit and check if someone is still on the pending list.
These are followed by 1-1 action on each branch, but not all contacts qualify to pass to the next step. This is mirrored in the numbers:

Your contacts are stuck at these 2 conditions. Maybe they are not coming back to the page they have to visit, maybe they stuck in the ‘Pending segment’ that you want to validate.

In order to be sure, let’s check the download guide page’s decision:
You can see, that 39,5% visited, and 60,2% didn’t. Those who didn’t will stuck at this stage, as long as you defined at the ‘No’ leg. They will have everything followed by this action as outstanding action.

I think this is not the real view, and I miss the waiting times between the actions, plus you didn’t provide any conditions tab info, so this is what I could understand from what you showed here.

Is this any help?

Is that any help?

Hi Joey, thanks a lot for this explanation. I still have a few questions:

  1. In condition 3 you highlights (“Move to confirmed list”) it says 35.7%. I assume this means 35.7% of those who the total amount of people who received the welcome email clicked on the download page (and therefore were confirmed)? If so, then what does the yellow 3394 and 894 mean? Why are 894 still pending?

  2. I have the same question for step 4. What do those 3 numbers specifically mean?

  3. Does the 45.4% in the decisions tab mean that 45.4% of those who receive the second email click the confirm link on that email? Or is it 9.7%?

Also, here is the conditions tab:


Good questions:

The Status bar shows how many are executed/processed from total.

I think the next part of my explanation might be confusing, you can skip it, But you can also read it if you are ready for some hard core behind the scenes stuff.

It can happen, that a contact never reaches a branch, but the actions are still pending for this contact. Until they don’t because the person gets to the end of the campaign, or will be impossible to get to this branch.

But right now don’t worry about the status bar, it’s just a temporary snapshot for you as admin (not marketer) showing how many actions are set as pending in the database for that action. As a marketer you’d know that some people will actually never get it.

Take it like this:
You organize a party. You invite 100 people. You will buy meat for 100, and cook it. You were stupid enough not to ask it before you cooked everything, and only 90 of your meat dishes will never be consumed, but you still have 100 rib eyes pending before the party starts.

Okay, further to question 2:
What are those 3 numbers?
Grey: how many more will be executed if it’s time.
Yellow: how many successfully executed
Green Percentage of the 2. But plz note, that the percentage refreshes later, so it can happen, that we see the wrong number.

Question 3:
Decision tab:
45,4% went as yes in the decision tree.
0 % went as no. (strange)
So far 168 processed (which means the 45,4% = 168).
The math adds up: 168 + 202 = 370 * 0.454 = 168

But it’s really hard to say anything, since I don’t see the timings.

For Question 2: Do you mean the green is the percentage of yellow/yellow+grey? If so, those percentages are not even close for 3 and 4 (although the others seem right).

We are simply looking to find what percentage of people whom receive the first confirmation email open it and confirm, and same for the second. I am still confused on this basic question.

Orange = Green + Red.
Sorry if I said it otherwise.
I will make another workflow for you, where I explain better.

Thanks Joey,

Would you be able to clarify the “Add points for download guide”? The green percent is clearly yellow divided by (yellow + grey)…but what does this exactly mean? 55.8% of people who got those emails downloaded the guide? Or 55.8% of people that opened them email downloaded the guide? Or something else?

Same as the second “moved to confirm”.

Hi Joey, just checking in if you had any more info. Cheers.

Hey, sorry, not abandoned yet, just need a bunch of tests to make my point.
I would like to add one thing. In your campaign you probably changed the campaign flow after a couple of t housend contacts started it. This resulted in messed up stats and a bunch of pending actions.