Help with automatic Campaigns!

Your software
My Mautic version is: not sure
My PHP version is: 7.4.33
My Database type and version is:5.7.40-cll-lve

Your problem
My problem is:

My Mautic is sending normal all test emails and New Segment Emails but not starting the automatic campaign I set up with the template emails. I use trigger then subscriber or import manually but the campaign never starts. Actually, nothing automatically starts.

These errors are showing in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: Trying to set up the cron job, but still nothing works.

Is anyone that can give me a tutorial for that?

Thank in advances

Hi, did you setup the cron jobs to run your segments, triggers etc’… like this?

Updating Contact Segments

php /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:segments:update

Updating Campaigns

php /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:campaigns:rebuild

Sending Email

php /path/to/mautic/app/console mautic:emails:send

There is a youtube video that helped me set them right.

I set mine on IIS and theuser privileges needed some work before starting to work properly.
Then I had issues with cloudflare blocking several valid urls.

Yes , I did. I actually followed same video!!

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What extra work exactly?

Thanks you.

I dont really remember exactly. On windows server I had to change the user to a one with more previliges. Then changed the timing of jobs as they maybe blocked each other. I am not sure what did the trick and still set to run every 1-2 minutes the actual log shows that things happen within 5-6 minutes.

Hi @chris37

Can you put a screenshot of your campaign for us to see.

Do you have access to the logs or can you check the logs inside the Mautic UI.

If you can also put a screenshot of your cronjob


I remember, I run the jobs from the command line to see errors / output.
I understood the correct way to put the parameters for the job and added -f after php.exe before the file

path to php.exe -f path-to-php-script.

Hello Mikew,

Thank you for taking my attention.

  1. Here is the screenshot of the campaign.

  1. Here is the screenshot of the cronjob

I apologize because I cover some details, the blue is color cover is just my public folder name and the orange cover is the subdomain I have the mautic installed.

Everything looks fine but i don’t find a way to make the automatic campaign start. I am new to this as i found it just 2 days ago.

Thanks in advances for your help.

in your beginning of the campaign is it being started by a segment or a form being filled out.

Do you have access to your server via ssh?

Hello Mikey

I started by segment

About that access to your server via ssh? I am not sure, I have Cpanel access!!

I added the cronjob using that

what do you see in the campaign preview screen when you look at actions?

Hi, I see that,

Hello @mikew
I hope you doing well.

Did you see any issues with my set up?


Have you populated your segment first? How many persons are in that segment? That was an error I kept doing for weeks.