Help with my first campaign. basic concepts

My Mautic version is: 4.4.6
My PHP version is: 7.4.33
My Database type and version is: 5.7.41-44

I have recently begun my journey of learning how to utilize Mautic. Despite going through numerous video tutorials in an attempt to grasp the overall functionality, I still struggle to comprehend certain fundamental concepts. I am hopeful that you can assist me in this regard.

Specifically, I have successfully created a basic contact form for my landing page, which includes a Select Field. Within the Select Field, there are three options: “Red,” “Blue,” and “Green.”

I am unsure about the correct approach to associate the value selected in this Select Field with the corresponding Contact who fills out the form. Ultimately, my goal is to send different emails to contacts based on the color they have chosen.

Hi @dustbro - welcome to the Mautic community!

With Mautic you almost always have several ways to achieve your goal.
1.) If the color is such important decision for your automation, you could map the form value to a custom field in mautic, that you added before - could be single or multiple select, depending on your goals.
2,) You could use a campaign form and analyze the choice within the campaign (form as source) itself. You won’t need a custom field to achieve this.

Summary: The form either stores it to the selected contact field (1.) or the campaign will analyze the contacts form input (2.)

Hope this helps for the start!

Thank you so much for the reply! This was incredibly helpful.
When I originally created the Campaign, I was looking under “Decision” for the form input but now I can clearly see that form data is a “Decision”.