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How do i find out WHO clicked a link?

There is reports of how many times link was clicked, but how do i know WHO clicked it?

I’m sure everyone is happy to help; however, you don’t provide enough information for anyone to really try.

Can you please be more specific in your request?

What version of Mautic are you using?

Is it self-hosted, or the hosted version? If it’s self-hosted, what version number?

What report are you looking at? How would we get to it from the Mautic Menu?


Hello, Mautic Community, anyone can help please?

There is reports of how many times link was clicked, but how do i know WHO clicked it?

Hi… im currently using Mautic 2.0.1 self hosted. I think its a rather general question, I just dont see anywhere in Mautic I can see a report of WHO clicked on an email. Mautic merely says. … 100 people clicked on this link…

I would like to know as well

Hi there experts out there… any help on this?



This is cumbersome but will do for now. You need to look in two places.

Location 1: In Reports
Location 2: Contacts Detail/History

To Setup
Edit the default “All Emails” report > then click on the data tab.
From the left, column find the field “Viewed in browser” and add it to the right column. (save and close) It’s now in the report.

This won’t tell you what link they clicked. But it’s better than nothing

Use their email address from the report to quickly find them in “Contacts”. In the contact detail, you will see what was clicked.

If you know a better way let me know.

better way… not best way…but fast… just use a sql and pull it out directly from the database :frowning:

Do hope that one day this function would be included… really is quite a basic function for something as powerful as mautic

I’d like this ability too, and I see a corresponding feature request has been logged.

In the meantime:
• chizuoka, do you have the relevant SQL? If so could you share it? From nickian’s comments on the feature request thread, this seems non-trivial!
• joew, I tried that approach but am not getting it to work. In particular, I think that “Viewed in Browser” may refer to whether someone clicked the link to view the email in their browser, as opposed to whether the user clicked on one or more links contained within the email.

This works for me.

SELECT distinct,
	mautic.leads inner join mautic.page_hits on = page_hits.lead_id
	page_hits.url = "<url>"
order by