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SOLVED: missing tracking data URL, page hits, etc.

Most Mautic tutorials are heavy on all the benefits reaped from its use, which are many. But I have yet to find one that simply and easily explains HOW to track customer data such as IP address, email address, page hits, etc. You would think that information would be contained in the dashboard, given it’s value but I couldn’t find it.

You want a hint? It’s in the reports where you build reports that include the data need you such as IP address, OS system, email (if you can capture it), etc.

Note to Mautic developers: please put it front and center and in BOLD letters where users can find this information. I searched high and low but to no avail and I see there are many, many people asking from where that data can be accessed.

I’ve yet to see fingerprint data anywhere nor a tutorial on how to capture the email address of a user clicking on a link in an email although the following link helps out it doesn’t explain in easy-to-understand language HOW to input the email variable into the URL of a campaign/segment email embedded in an email.

At the moment (for my install at least - Mautic v2.13.1, PHP 7.0.30, Bitnami Stack on Amazon LightSail) I can’t get Mautic to track ANY clicks on any links let alone custom ones :=]

The links are being created/rewritten correctly by Mautic and they are doing the redirection correctly (from the email to Mautic to the underlying URL) but NO data is being stored in the Mautic -> Channels -> Emails interface that I can find… I do receive the Email Read data

Has anyone got any thoughts on this behaviour and how to troubleshoot it?

While I’m here, has anyone come up with a method to display this information in the Contact record? e.g. a new tab in the lower div History/Notes etc named Links Clicked? (I don’t have any of this information in my History tab :=]) Data would be the actual link clicked, the campaign/email the link was in, date last clicked and a running count…

Thanks for your time and patience