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How do I get Social media integration to work?

Can any one help me I did not able to monitoring the Facebook page after getting successful authentication(via app id/secret). it still not identifying the contact or leads.

Hi, @kuzmany I want if some one like page or comment on page then mautic add that parson in contact list/lead. I feel very great if you add some screen shot or link.


@kuzmany or any social media integration twitter,google+,LinkedIn any


@rajnishkumarrocky you already managed to work? I’m feeling here now fazet work integration with Facebook, nothing more … Any suggestions?

I have successfully created the App on Twitter and set it up on my site. However the leads Twitter profile still does not populate… I have entered the correct key and secret, and have also set up the lead field mapping and it still is not working…

I am trying to get the social integrations to run
and I see a discrepancy between the hosted version and the on-premise version

On my on-premise version when I click facebook: I see that I need to enter a clientid and client secret. Both are empty.
This is not so in the hosted mautic version

What should I enter there