How is a condition evaluated in campaign builder?

A question, if you have conditions such as “visit page” in the campaign builder when is the statement evaluated?

Does the campaign simply wait for the condition to be true and/or does it evaluate to false after a certain amount of time or does it check the subsequent page hit if it is true or false?


The CONDITIONS are evaluated IMMEDIATLY. Once the condition is immediatly evaluated, the next step will follow. The text is not really correct here:

DECISIONS wait until the event happens OR the time runs out and they have to move on:


The decision waits MAX 12 days for the asset to be downloaded. If not, then AFTER 12 days the company score will be adjusted. If on day 9 the asset is downloaded, then the YES branch will continue immediatly.

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I see, thank you! This clarifies some other things for me as well.