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Campaign Contact Evaluation


Does anyone know if there is a way to have a campagin evaluate the conditions in the campaign against the contacts in the segment every day? This at the moment is done immediately upon a contact entering a campaign.

Example Scenario

  • Send Email 1 - 7 Day After Order Placed
  • Send Email 2 - 14 Days After Order Placed

Current Set Up

  1. Segment 1 = Order Placed 7 Days Ago
  2. Campaign 1 = To add the contact to segment 2 and campaign 2
  3. Segment 2 = All contacts who have ever been in segment 1
  4. Campaign 2 = A flow of actions based on when the contact entered (can be over any time period as they will never leave the segment)

Ideal Scenario / Set Up

  1. Segment 1 = All Contacts Who Have Placed Orders
  2. Campaign 1 = A flow of actions based on date conditions (they will need to be checked to daily to see if they meet the conditions)

Hope the above makes sense,