Regarding conditions to add in workflow(campaign)

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4.9
My PHP version is: 7.4 (ea-php74)
My Database type and version is: 5.7.23- |Doctrine driver|pdo_mysql|

Your problem
Quick help needed: My Mautic campaign is moved from A to B and after move to B, I would like to call specific day action Like If it is moved on Monday from A->B then it will execute only Monday steps which make in Campaign B. Anyone help would be appreciated.

Can you describe what you need a little more clearly? I don’t understand what you mean by " My Mautic campaign is moved from A to B and after move to B,"

I can see from your screen grab contacts enter the campaign by being a member of the pipeline stage segment. Then there is a condition called “Mond”. What is that checking for? I can’t see how all the other steps connecting in from there?

Hello @robm

Here is the steps from beginning
I used 2 different campaign workflow
From first campaign they are being added to 2nd campaign workflow(Home Ketamine Offer (Part 2 - V2)) after executing of steps described in screenshot. Please see attached Ist 2 screenshots.
Then next after add in to 2nd workflow they are removed from First campaign and Now I want to execute 2nd campaign workflow (Home Ketamine Offer (Part 2 - V2) steps based on which day they being added into Campaign from Ist campaign.
Because they will add into 2nd campaign workflow from Ist campaign automatically and there is no trigger setup on 2nd campaign workflow(Home Ketamine Offer (Part 2 - V2)) So How they will execute mentioned steps on 2nd campaign Home Ketamine Offer (Part 2 - V2)? I used change campaign action in begining for described day. But not sure if it will work or not.

@robm Are you around?

Still not quite getting what you are after, but let’s try break things down.

The condition step you are using is checking to see if the contact is part of a campaign. Seeing as all your contacts are entering campaign 2 as an action in campaign 1, the result will always be true making the condition check redundant.

The goal you are after is to send a particular email or sms based on the day of the week they are added to the 2nd campaign right?

Have the last action in campaign 1 be to tag them with a tag named after the day of the week and also add them all to segment (lets call that segment A).

Then create campaign 2 and trigger the campaign with segment A. Have a condition that checks for the Monday tag. If true send trigger monday’s action. If false create another condition that checks for Tuesday tag, if true trigger tuesday actions. Repeat this set up for each day of the week.

Hi @robm
Thanks for the kind response. Yes my goal is to achieve the campaign 2 based on daywise they are added from last step of campaign 1 saying action “add to another campaign(No.2)”. If contact were added from campaign on day Monday then it will trigger the campaign2 Monday steps and continue doing for other days as well . Please let me know if it make sense to you?

One more thing, In 1 campaign I used to execute the workflow based on timing like e.g 7am, 8am,7pm etc and Action I used for this is “Condition based on a contact field value.” where I need to set time like 7 am only but it doesn’t seems like working when I used 7am-8am between time then it will work pls see attached screenshot for better understanding. Do you have any idea about this as well?


I don’t think it will work how you have it set up at the moment as there is no condition option for checking day of the week in Mautic.

But to answer your question, if a contact reaches a campaign step that is to move them to another campaign, that will happen on the same, assuming your cron jobs are sent to run at least once per day.

The contact field value check option, relative time period, tells mautic when to check for the field value. In the set up you have in your screen grab is will check for the condition at 7am. Not sure why it only works if you set a range rather than a specific time. I assume the condition is true at 7 am?

Hi @robm
Cron’s are setup for per minutes like this

My goal is to execute campaign no.1 steps on specific time like 7am only, 8am etc. Instead of 7:01,7:02,8:05 etc.

Hi @shekhar,

you wont (I just tried) be able to do it in a simple way within the current Mautic functionalities within campaigns. But you would be able to call a webhook. So you could send for example the contact ID to the webhook, have this external script check for the weekday and use the Mautic API to update a field in the contact identified by the ID you just sent. This field could contain the information that is needed to put this contact into a specific weekday (say Monday) segment. Then you could use this segment as a starting point for another campaign.

You would need to create the external script that would be your webhook’s endpoint, but this would make it possible to achieve something like this.

In a different thread, some time ago @joeyk explained it: Mautic campaign Webhooks - #6 by joeyk

Hi @robm
Could you please tell me in the contact field value check option, relative time period,send from e.g 7am is working only for 7 am o’clock time?
E.g. If I will add contact in Mautic at 7 am o’clock then it will trigger that step at 7 am only or it will work after 7 am like 7:01,7:20am,8am soon as well?

I think there needs to be some updates done in the Mautic UI. The configuration for the condition check seems to have inherited wording for the send email configuration, ie it sends “send from” which makes little sense when configuring a condition check.

I assume them it should say "Check at time or check between the hours …

So to answer your question I would expect mautic to check at exactly 7 am. If you want to to check for a range then set the between hours option.

As that is how the email sending logic works (subject to crons and email queue set ups)