How to add new emails to an existing campaign?

Hi everyone!

In the latest Mautic 3, how can I add new emails to a campaign so that users currently in that campaign will receive them?

I understand that there’s an option to make users restart a campaign, but I don’t understand how to use this or how it could be helpful.

In this campaign, how would I use that feature so I can add email #5, email #6 etc and users currently in the campaign would get them?

Or is there a better solution?

Hello Beluga and welcome to the community!

This is a great question. There are 3 states of campaign membership:

  1. Never
    Contact has not been ever member of the campaign ever. If you place this person in the campaign, he wil go through the flow from step 1.

  2. Right now
    This person is a member right now, going through the steps. Either is between steps waiting, or between an update and trigger command (read about cronjobs). In other words: member of a campaign. When the last step of the campaign is done for this contact he will leave the campaign.

  3. Left the campaign
    This contact already went through OR left the campaign for some reason. For example disqualified itself to be a member of a segment, which was the source of the campaign.
    If you set your campaign in a way that contacts can go through repeatedly, than this person is in ‘Never stage’ for this particualr campaign.

So if people are in fact a member of your campaign (not finished), and you add emails, than after a campaign:update command they will get the new campaign step, and it will be triggered to them by a campaign:trigger.

If they left, then you can can create with the following filters:

  • segment membership same as your campaign source
  • exclude membership of your campaign

If the source of the campaign is a form, than let me know, you might need to tweak some things.

You can also deep dive into the mysterious secrets of campaign triggers:

Good luck!

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