How to incrementally add new emails to a campaign

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My Mautic version is: 2.16
My PHP version is: 7.3
My Database type and version is:?

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My problem is:

I’m trying to create a campaign where I can add emails every week. I added one email, set a publish time and that worked. However, once the campaign is published and I add new emails, the email is not sent to the campaign’s segment.
I plan to reuse this campaign next year for the same segment, but I want to build it as I progress through the year.
How can I have an ongoing campaign (or something else that accomplishes the same purpose) so I can add emails to it and they would get sent?

I am not sure about campaign but I do know if I start a new email using segment and as long email is still published, anyone added to segment will get the email until the email is unpublished then it will no longer send email but the they will get added to ‘pending’ column until you decided to publish it again.

If publish again then those in pending will get the email.

Here is a response I got from @KevinR via chat some times ago and what you can do.

Mautic processes all the sends in a campaign when contacts are added to the campaign.

This means you can’t fix a campaign mid series.

By making each email a separate campaign and then creating a flow control campaign you can make changes when contacts are identified campaign and have them be effective.

I hope something is done about this in future releases.