How to End A/B Tests via API

Hello all,
does somebody know how to end a split test via the api?
I couldn’t find something in the documentation and it is not that obvious to me to only edit the email via patch. But I guess it is actually possible to end the Split testing and simply overwrite some data.

Who knows what? Would be a big help. I will make a video how to use that afterwards…

The general idea is to send an email to a specified number of leads picked randomly and perform a split test for 2 hours. Then pick the winner and send the email to the rest of the segment.


anyone an idea?

Hello Alex!
Very useful topic.
I just quickly looked at the reference, and saw A/B testing related info there:

Have you looked into that? Are you asking the actual API calls, or if it’s possible at all?


Hi Joey,
late but solved. I made a really creepy Frankenstein :slight_smile:

two hours after sending the email to my test-segment i send a webhook to n8n with the email_id.
With n8n I change the percentage for the variants and delivery directly in the variantSettings in the database.
It works. Only pitty is: I need to start the campaign with two segments: One for the splittest and one which gets the mail after the test is “over”.

For now it is ok. Maybe I’ll give it another go.