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How to Integrate mautic with FaceBook

Hi Team,
Can you please help on this how to integrate mautic and FaceBook to create contact?

Use Facebook Webhook and Mautic API to automatically create contact in Mautic when a Lead is generated via Facebook ads.
Use platform.php to subscribe to page where you started your facebook lead generation ad. Install Mautic API Library: Enable and create API credential in Mautic
This was a quick work i didn’t validate nor optmize all data and variables.
Here is a video tutorial explaining how to use this files:
I created a new video showing how to Integrate Mautic with facebook leads using Mautic Forms :

Thanks for your update its almost working but we are struggling to the last point I’m not unable to generate a lead on the mautic facebook page. Here I have attached a screenshot for your reference.Developer facebook account: Lead is created but it's not posting to mautic page
there is no results

@Aryvartdev thats good , have you created cron jobs for this

@DK how to create cron jobs whether we can create in CRM or Inside of mautic?