How to know if checkbox is checked or unchecked in mautic?

I’m on the latest version of Mautic

Suppose you have a checkbox on a form:

( ) Accept to receive email

How can I tell if the checkbox is checked or not? It is possible?

@dev_marcus.oli1 you will need to create a corresponding “Custom Field” to receive that value from the form and which you can then access later in campaigns or segments.

  1. Create a Custom Field called “Agree to Receive Email” and make it a “yes” or “no” field - you can leave it blank by default.

  2. when you create your form, you can add a dropdown (or checkbox) on the form and choose ‘save to db’ when you do that. It will prompt you to choose a field to save the value to. Choose your Custom Field “Agree to Receive Email”. Save the form.

  3. When someone fills out the form, the value from the form will be saved to the custom field.

  4. Inside of a campaign, or a segment filter, you can choose ‘field value’ as a property and then something along the lines of “Agree to Receive Email” equal “Yes” to check for the field value.