How to remove bounce status from a list of contacts?


Due to Bounce managment errors with Amazon SES, many bounced contacts have valid email address

I try to remove the bounce status by deleting the contacts an by reimporting them …

The bounce status is still there !

Do you have an idea how i can solved this isssue ?

Click on the contact you want to re-enable. Once in there find the “Do Not Contact” in red background with the x. Click the x.

When you open the contact there is a yellow ‘Bounced’ ‘tag’ kinda thing under the image.
Click on the X.
Also: You can see the bounce reason if you hoover the contact.

BTW. What kind of bounce management errors? Amazon is pretty reliable. Make sure you are not bouncing too much, because its really hard to crawl back to Amazon after they suspended you.

Do not bounce more than 5% in average. Above 10% you can kiss your SES account goodbye.

Thank you for your explanation, unfortunately i have a list of 6000 contacts …

So, I need to automatize

Go to your Mysql table:

These are your bounces:
SELECT * FROM "lead_donotcontact" WHERE reason = 2

If you are happy with the results, you can delete them:
DELETE FROM "lead_donotcontact" WHERE reason = 2

Your contacts won’t be deleted, just the status. If you want to delete only recent bounces, you can add the date_added column to your query and use the proper filter.

Careful :slight_smile:

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