How to resend segment-email to changed contacts?

We recently sent out an email to a segment with about 2k recipients. We got about 45 bounces. Some of them where temporary (mailbox full) others turned out as wrong addresses, which we fixed (typos).

Now i wonder, is there an easy way to re-schedule those fixed contacts? As they where once part of the segment, Mautic has marked them as processed internally so even if i change their attributes, Mautic will not consider them as new/added.

Any suggestion here?

There are many ways to do it, nine of them easy.

You can make a report about bounces for a certain email send (Search for the guide in forums, someone has explained reports already.) Then export the bounces. Then re-import with a tag. Send to the tag holders only.

I think you mean “none of them easy”, right? Because otherwise i’d like to know the other eight ones :wink:
I hoped that there is a way to simply do it by a “click” in the GUI…

What exactly happens when i re-import “the bounces”?

Here is the thing:

  1. You want to send email to a group of people.
  2. You need to ‘group them together’ based on an attribute. There is no such attribute ‘the emails failed last time, but now I fixed them’. So you need to export them and give them an attribute.
  3. Once you re-import them, use a tag or something to be able to capture them as a group = a segment.
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Ah, thanks for pointing that out. So i would simply create a new segment with all clearified (former bounced) contacts. And then duplicate the email and send it out with that new segment? Or could i somehow add the segment to the existing email?

You need to duplicate the email. One address can reicieve one segment email only once.

Aaah! Know i understand :slight_smile: